Trying something new: Meet Tomas.


Ok, for years I’ve mostly been photographing dogs, and on the side some night photography and tourist-like (landscape) stuff.

A lot of my friends have kids and for some time now I’ve wanted to learn how to photograph them (or Those as I call them ). There are SOOO many people who have asked me if I wanted to take pictures of their kids but I’ve declined because it’s something I’m not used to do.  I’m not really a “people person” so photography involving models doesn’t seem right to me – I do like to photograph people, but mostly the moments when they don’t realise they’re being photographed. So; fortunately I have friends who have kids who are lively and somewhat used to a camera.. And crazy enough to lend them to be my test subjects (while they’re supervising, of course ).

This was a practise run with Tomas: a lively and FUN little guy, who pretty much didn’t stay still at all. It wasn’t really easy to photograph him – at the same time I was composing the image, I had to adjust and hold the reflector and keep my mind at Zen while the mosquitoes tried to eat me. Note to myself: next time, get an assistant and some mosquito repellent .


Tomas and his Best Friend.


..and yes, I want to do this again . It was so much fun, even with all the challenges managing a lot of moving parts at the same time. Thanks N and Tomas