“It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.” IPO1-3&BH trial in Espoo


My computer gave up somewhere around February-March and I’ve been without working computer ever since. It kinda feels like losing an arm – you cannot really fully do what you love. And when you want to do it. It has made my To-do -queue a bit too overwhelming, so I apologize to all my friends who are anxiously waiting for their pictures :).

To the post in hand then – on Sunday I was working in our Team’s IPO1-3&BH trial, and fortunately decided to take my camera with me – I was supposed only to work in the cantina, but as I was the only one with a camera, I slipped away for some time to take these.

Spring is clearly here, and the light, trees, grass, everything was super beautiful.

All participants were successful in this trial, so congrats to all :).

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Mia & Jaakko, BH:

Jape & Nalle, IP1:

Reija & Vipu, IP2:

Pia & Martta, IP3:

Minna & Retku, IP3: