Warmth and light, Helmi, Alpo & Justiina

Spring has finally arrived! I had an idea for images I wanted to take, but because of the lack of extra hands, I rethinked my original idea and decided we’d go to the nearby forest with Nora. Two¬†persons can handle taking pictures with fixed focal length lens, adjusting a huge reflector and at the same time handle the dogs? Right?

I do admit it wasn’t easy, and my core muscles were in use; trying to lean backwards, holding steady, at the same time adjusting and holding the reflector with my leg, trying to get the littlest dog to fit in the frame while she was jumping all over the place like a circus dog.. So comparing to that, we should be happy of the results we got :)..

I’ve been going for walks in this forest for a long time and I’ve always wanted to test it as a photography site. From what I got during this trip – I’ll be using the place again.

It was really nice to get some pictures of my dear old Lady Helmi, she usually makes a very stupid face and pose when someone else is trying to get her attention and I’m photographing her, but fortunately we still managed to get few nice shots while Nora was waving a stick to get her attention :D.

Thank you so much Nora, for all your help, and that I could loan your beautiful dogs for these shots <3.